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Self-love (the most rewarding yet challenging art to master)

Self-love simply means learning to accept yourself as you are while making peace with things you can’t change about yourself. It is simply knowing and accepting that you are a worthy human being who doesn’t need to worry about being perfect to conform to the societal standards. Growing up my friends used to make funContinue reading “Self-love (the most rewarding yet challenging art to master)”


Mosi-oa-Tunya (the smoke that thunders)

Being considered the largest waterfall in the world, my visit to Victoria Falls was beyond my expectations. Words cannot describe the breathtaking views provided by this magnificent natural beauty. This was one of the most magical experience I have ever had my entire life. David Livingstone statue The Victoria Falls Bridge I would love toContinue reading “Mosi-oa-Tunya (the smoke that thunders)”

Travelling Experience

Sometime, early this year, I embarked on a small trip to Matobo Hills with my long time best friend. For me, this was a much needed trip to relax, unwind and disconnect from everyday life to deeply reconnect with the best version of myself. Matobo is located near the second largest city, Bulawayo, southern Zimbabwe.Continue reading “Travelling Experience”

Finally, I have arrived!

When your final destination is a bit far then you will probably have to wait and watch others arriving at their several final destinations before you. I love travelling long distances on train, however I always get extremely tired from having to sit and stopping at various stop points watching others arriving at their destinations.Continue reading “Finally, I have arrived!”


All my life I have been suffering from inferiority complex. Partly because I have been a victim of bully throughout my primary education level and partly because I chose to allow my bullies to control my life. I was an easy target to my bullies simply because I was an introvert and shy. I likedContinue reading “SELF-CONFIDENCE IS A SUPER POWER!”