Finally, I have arrived!

The road to success is like taking a train journey. Some will arrive at their final destinations earlier while others will have to wait a little bit longer before they arrive at theirs.

When your final destination is a bit far then you will probably have to wait and watch others arriving at their several final destinations before you.

I love travelling long distances on train, however I always get extremely tired from having to sit and stopping at various stop points watching others arriving at their destinations. Sometimes it can get quite boring and all you want to do is to just get to your destination as fast as possible.

However, this feeling can depend on an individual, I have heard others say they really like travelling long distances on a train because they get to enjoy the nice view from the window seat. I have also heard others complaining just like me about having to seat for too long in a train and all that goes through their mind is “When am I going to arrive!”

Nomatter the experience, one thing for sure is that the train will keep moving until you reach your final destination.

Sometimes, it may depend with the type of the train and it’s speed. As a result, at times you can reach your destination faster and at times it may take some bit of time to get there.

However, the bottom line is the train will keep moving until you get to your destination. It doesn’t matter how long it will take for you to get there, what matters the most is for you to finally get there!

So let’s learn to clap for people who have arrived at their destinations earlier than us knowing that eventually, against all odds we will also arrive at our final destinations.

We all want to arrive at our final destinations nomatter the distance and the speed of our trains. At the end, we all want to be able to say “Finally, I have arrived!”

Published by Amicable Malisa

Hi, I'm Amicable a Human Resource Professional highly passionate about expressing thoughts and ideas through writing(on just about anything). Thanks for visiting!

9 thoughts on “Finally, I have arrived!

  1. And I think blogging can help us to build a better friendship. We can read and suggests improvements to each other’s writing and thoughts.

    I love reading and telling stories.

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  2. “Finally, I have arrived” to meet a friend like you who cares about the traveller, the journey, consistency and companions.
    You are a good companion Malisa. Let’s write some beautiful stories…

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