For the purpose of this story, I am going to name the intern Timothy.

“Is that gum you are chewing in my office!” she snapped. This is the Public Relations office, we don’t tolerate such uncultured behaviour here!” the Public Relations officer yelled.

Timothy, was thrilled after having been offered a position as an HR intern at a big, highly prestigious organisation. He, together with other interns who had also been offered internship positions in different departments were to undergo a one week induction process to familiarise them with the organisation.

The first day was brief and joyful. They were briefed on the background of the organisation, it’s values, vision, and the mission as well as the company policies and procedures.

The second day was long and draining, they were introduced to the staff members going office by office in a two floor building.

Timothy and others began to hear their stomachs growling with hunger and the most horrifying part was that the organisation did not provide any refreshments for them.

If only they had been told that they were going to be introduced to staff members going office to office in a two story building without any refreshments provided, certainly they would have brought their own refreshments.

They were not prepared for the long day ahead and had not anticipated such a day. As the stomach rumblings worsened, Timothy quickly reached out to his brand new briefcase which had cost him a fortune because he wanted to look impressive on his first day at work.

He opened the bag, dipped in a hand and pulled out a chewing gum which he had bought on his way to work to refresh his breath. He quickly dashed it into his mouth and started chewing quietly just to suck out the sweetness with the hope of regaining some bit of strength to carry him through the day.

He regretted his decision a moment later as they were being introduced to the Public Relations officer, an immaculately dressed young woman with a clear skin sipping on a glass of lemon water. One could tell from the way she talked as well as her spotless, well organised office that she had a high regard of office etiquette.

Timothy was alarmed by the reception he got in the Public Relations office, this was not what he had expected especially on his first day at work. All his feelings of excitement of having to commence work at a big, well reputable organisation quickly died out. He felt like he did not belong in that organisation and even regretted why he had accepted the offer and he quit the following day.

I’m highly certain that as a hiring manager you wouldn’t want to lose a new employee during their early stages of employment, just like how this organisation lost Timothy, their new hire on the second day of the induction process simply because of a poorly organised induction process. You need to get it right the first time! Always invest enough time and resources to make sure your induction process is well planned and executed.

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